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News from 19 Aout 2005:
Classport new update

News from 4 Juin 2005:
Classport 1.1 is available

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New English website

News from 17 Décembre 2004:
Choose the Classport design

News from 7 Décembre 2004:
Classport update

Classfoot fonctionnalities
Classfoot is a very complete software which allows you to manage a football championship as well as possible. The list below does not want to be exhaustive, it only let you discover the main functions.
But to be able to see all the functions available, the best solution nevertheless remains to download the demo version which can be download for free.
Here is the list of main functions:

  • Management of football championships(english, foreigner, personalized), the number of team include inside is unlimited, just like the number of players
  • Cup management: This function allow you to follow a cup as national cup, the Champion's League or the World cup... You can customize the number of round, the number of games for each round, the game kind (single match, two games match...)
  • Season management: You can gather all the championships in only one file, in order to have a larger players database, do in an easier way the transfers between team, and to follow some complex competition with several turn (Champion's League, European and World cup...). You can then navigate between championships very easely: no need to reload files.
  • Season file creation wizzard
  • Championships completely customizable: You can set up the number of points for win, draw or loss, the number of round and game per round, the number of players ans substitutes by team, as well as the number of qualified for an European cup, the number of promoted team (that will be shown then in the differents tables). Finally you can choose to follow a specific team in order to see it easelier in the statistics and tables.
  • Slice management for ranking (for exemple for belgium soccer championships)
  • Management of B Team, youth teams...
  • Quick and easy navigation interface: To let you go from one function to an other function quickely, Classfoot allow you
    • To define favourite that can be call with short cuts
    • To use dynamics link to navigate between tables and statistics pages
    • To be back to a previous function
    Find the facility of the navigation of your browser.
  • Direct access from the application to the client area, the F.A.Q. and the last news.
  • Historical for the french Division 1: Classfoot allow youto see results and tables for the french championship since 1932. The perfect tools for best bets.
  • Pronostics for next games, you can change parameters to tell the application which one are the most important for you (Home advantage, streaks, historical results...).
  • Many information on the matches: for each match you will be able to fill in the scores, but also the strikers, the booked and sent off players, assists, the scored or missed penaltys, the players rating, the referee of the game, the attendance, and you also have a free place where you can write your own comments on the game.
  • Various league tables: overall, home, away, attendancy, fair play... And you can choose to see those tables on a specific period (for exemple last 6 rounds).
  • You also have players tables: top scorers, assists, booked players, send off players...
  • New: These informations are shown in table that you will be able to sort yourself depending on a specific columns
  • Various statistics: actual streaks, particularity, top scorers for each team, leaders after each round, statistics on your favourite team, and lots of other one to discover...
  • You can now see the league tables and statistics for a specific team group, for the division, for all the division of a country or of a competition (i.e.World Cup): for exemple, you can see for Euro 2004 the top scorers of each group, or for the first phase, or for the complete competition
  • Quick and easy transfers: At the end of a season, you can transfer quickly the players to establish the new compositions for the next season. In season mode, you can interact with all the championships in the same time.
  • Penalities management: this function allowes you to add or withdraw points to a team (in case of bonus or league sanction), or define a game as won by forfeit. The ranking will take care of these informations.
  • Print: You can print nearly all the information such as results, tables, team players...
  • Use Internet: you can access directly from the software to the data off different championship, and also to the result of each round of these championship. They will be filled in in your software automatically. You can also come on the website and download the directly, and then import them in Classport (it's in XML format).
  • Differents languages: As for now, Classfoot is available in French and English. The translation is complete: screen and documentation.
  • You can export 90% of data to HTML/Png format, in order to create your own website on sport.
  • Data given with the registred version: With the complete version, you will have the french Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 championships since 1998/99, Premier League, Bundesliga, spanish Liga and Calcio since 2002/03 and more than 60 europeans championship since 2003/04.

Functions available in the Web Edition and PHP Edition
  • Export players and stadiums pictures and teams blazons
  • Export game dates and see on a single page all the games of a championship
  • See the ranking evolution of each time on your website
  • Results of the season for each team on a single web page
  • Creation of the database and upload of the html files in only one click
  • Possibility to show in statics (html) more than 80% of data available in Classport application using the Classport script language
  • Possibility to customize easely the web page in order to insert them in your existing web site

Functions available in the PHP Edition
  • Creation of the database and upload of the php and html files in only one click
  • Possibility to show dynamics pages (php/mysql) for results, league tables, top scorers...
  • Possibility to show dynamics pages for players, managers, referees, stadiums and teams data
  • Manage more than one championship using the same database

Data for a game

  • Score
  • Date
  • Attendence
  • Referee
  • Strikers and goals time
  • Booked and send off players
  • Goal Assists
  • Team composition
  • Players rating
  • Personnal informations

Data on players

  • Photo
  • Name and first name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Previous team
  • Date of joining team
  • Squad number
  • Goals scored and games played by this players during his career, for each contry
  • Weight
  • Height
  • International career

Data on referees

  • Name and first name
  • Nationality

Data on manager

  • Name and first name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Actual team
  • Previous team

Data on teams

  • Date of creation
  • Shirt color
  • Second shirt color
  • Palmares
  • Website
  • Budget
  • Personnal information
  • President
  • Stadium
  • Manager
  • Address
  • Contact name
  • Logo

Data on stadiums

  • Name
  • City
  • Capacity
  • Build date
  • Best attendency
  • Personnal information
  • Country
  • Address
  • Ground size
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