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News from 19 Aout 2005:
Classport new update

News from 4 Juin 2005:
Classport 1.1 is available

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New English website

News from 17 Décembre 2004:
Choose the Classport design

News from 7 Décembre 2004:
Classport update

Classfoot eXPert Web Edition

With Web Edition functionnality, you will be able to publish, results, ranking and statistics for the championship of your choice on your own website automatically.

Classfoot Web Edition add to Classfoot functionnality that allows you to create your own website from the results you have filled in in Classfoot application. Your website can be either in html or in php, or a mix of them to have more information.

  • The data update can be done very quickly: choose the championship you want to update, and with one clic you will update the data on your website.
  • For html pages, you can control all the feeling of your website, using the Classport tiny script language.This language allows you to add in your html page, a script line which will be replaced during publication by data filled in Classport (a table, a results page...). In this way, you will be able to published more than 40 different statistics and table on your website!
    As soon as you have done the creation of your different web page, you just need each week to click on a button to send the new informations, and all your html pages will be updated on your website.
  • For php management, the way to proceed is : you just choose the file containing the championship you want to export, then you choose which divisions you want to export. Finally you can send your data just clicking on one button. The databases on the web server are updated automatically, and the results are automatically shown on the website.
Classfoot Web Edition is now available in two different version: the Web Edition and the PHP Edition. The Web Edition contains only the html export functions. The PHP Edition also has the php functions, so you can send your data to the mysql database and show the data using our php scripts.

If you want to see a list of website which have been done by Classport, just go on the realisation page.

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