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News from 19 Aout 2005:
Classport new update

News from 4 Juin 2005:
Classport 1.1 is available

News from :
New English website

News from 17 Décembre 2004:
Choose the Classport design

News from 7 Décembre 2004:
Classport update

The latest news

Classfoot is an active software ! You can find on this page the last information about the application and the update version

News from 19 August 2005:

Classport new update
A new update of Classport is available. You can download it in the client zone.
Many bugs have been corrected, and a new management of the nationality has been done.

News from 4 June 2005:

Classport 1.1 is available
A new version of Classport is available. This version fix some bug, and the web edition has been review to offer a better error support and is now completly translated in english.
Try Classport now to be ready to follow the new sport championship in August!

News from 22 December 2004:

New English website
The new Classport website is now available in English. We update all the information present in it with the new product specification, we change the design to make it better, and we hope you will like it.
Welcome on new Classport website!

News from 17 December 2004:

Choose the Classport design
The new Classport update let you choose the application design. You can now to choose between the classic blue design, the gray futurist design or the cool garnet-red screen.
And to be able to try the trial application precisely, there is no more limitation on the championship creation. You can now create your own championship and cup very quickly. The only remaining limitation is the one concerning the trial period. But 30 days is long enough to discover the application.
You can download the new version now.

News from 7 December 2004:

Classport update
3 weeks after the first version of Classport, the first update is available. This one correct the first bugs found, and add some new fonctionnalities. Here is the list of them:
- Management of the point-average for basket: the ranking is conform to fiba rules
- Ranking criteria are taking into account on website (Web Edition)
- The historical work properly for each sports.
- Correction of a bug on easysite function

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