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News from 19 Aout 2005:
Classport new update

News from 4 Juin 2005:
Classport 1.1 is available

News from :
New English website

News from 17 Décembre 2004:
Choose the Classport design

News from 7 Décembre 2004:
Classport update

The latest news

Classfoot is an active software ! You can find on this page the last information about the application and the update version

News from 15 November 2004:

Classfoot is now a module of Classport
Classport is now available. This new software group the for application Classfoot, Classrugby, Classbasket and Classhand in a single one. So when you buy Classport, you can choose each module you want, and you will have a unique application to follow precisely all the sports you like.

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